FAQ and answers

What is Game Pub all about?
This is just for a great fun, adrenaline, online communication with friends and of course some motivation to more active game playing and game experience grow.

Keep in mind that everything in online games is just for a good mood and excellent time spending.

Have a good time participating in our tournaments!

What the "Game Points" is?
This is a currency that we use at Game Pub for any calculations.
What "Game Points" are equal to?
Game Points have constant exchange rate: 100.0 GP = 1.00 USD.
How can I get Game Points?
Participate in our free or premium tournaments, show good skills and win Game Points depending on your final standing in a tournament.
How to get more points than first prize?
Invite your friends and we will pay from 5% to 10% form their win prizes to you. Your share starts from 5% and increases when your friend wins the Game Points in the tournament.
How to invite a friend?
You can find an invitation links in your account. Send any of it to your friend to track his registration with us and attach Game Points shares to your account.
How long invite ID stores in browser?
Your ID stores for one year in your invitee's browser.
How to connect a game?
You can find all available games in "Your account" > "Connected games". Click the button under a game to connect it to your account.
Where can I withdraw my Game Points to?
We support withdrawals to Webmoney, PayPal and BitCoin.
What is the minimum to withdraw?
You can withdraw minimum 50 GP (0.5 USD) at a time.
How long does it takes to process my withdrawal request?
We send all payments at least twice a month without any schedule.
What is the withdrawal charge?
The withdrawal charge is taken to cover payment system transactions expenses only. Current rates are:

WebMoney: 0.8%, 0.01 WMZ minimum

PayPal: up to 15% (depends on country) and no less than 0.16USD

Bitcoin: 1%, 0.0001 BTC minimum

Do you pay GP if I have zero matches played in a tournament but my place has a GP prize?
No! We pay for your activity only!

Place prize value is just to inform you about your prize when you play.

Do you count a match after tournament's end?
Yes! We wait at least 3 hours for all matches to end. More than 3 hours if data comes slowly from a game provider.
Why my GP withdrawal request was deleted or not processed for a long time?
You have specified invalid account: wrong number, non-authorized for incoming payouts, blocked by toy payment system ect. Check it works normally with your paymeny service.
How can I restore the codeword?
Please visit this page to restore the codeword.
Dota 2
Why to sign-in through Steam?
By signing through Steam you provide us your SteamID to identify your matches among all others. There is nothing to worry about - Steam send us back only public data strictly according to OpenId auth protocol and their internal regulations. You can read a bit more at this page - everything is following Valve authorized methods only.
Why my matches does not count?
Please open your matches history in Dota 2 profile and keep it public.
How to make my Dota 2 matches history public?
Looks at the example on this screenshot.
What is the formula to calculate my Match Points?
This is very complicated to explain the formula. Show your best skills in Kills, Assists, Last Hits, Denies, Hero Damage, Hero Heal, Tower Damage and try not to die. We compare all your results with those shown teammates, compare what happened to give your team as a whole, on how much could to resist the enemies of your team, and we derive finite values on points for each. The winning team receives 20% points per match more than the fact that it was able to obtain without a victory. In short, play the best in the team with Fight worthy adversaries, and you'll be in top.
How long does the tournament lasts?
Every tournament lasts for three days.
How many matches are in the tournament?
Since tournaments #68 and 69 there is no limit in matches. Play as match as you can and become first!
Can I join the current tournament?
It's up to you to join any open tournaments. Just watch the finish time to be able to complete all the matches required, otherwise you'll get less Match Points.
What game modes and lobby types are accepted?
You can play in All pick, Ranked all pick, Captains mode, Captains draft, Random draft in Public matchmaking and Ranked lobbies to get your Match Points. Minimum match duration is 15 minutes. Players of both teams has to play to the end of match to make it acceptable.
Can I play matches in party with my friends?
Sure you can! Don't forget to invite your friends to Game Pub as well!
Why my rating is 0 with average points per match over 0?
Your Dota 2 overall time spent is 0 and we cannot give high rating for new players. That is nonsense! Even Steam makes MMR ranking from 13th level. Other reason - your Steam profile is private and we cannot get your Dota 2 overall time.
Why it takes too long time to process match stats?
Steam API it not a very stable services. It does not handle a load from time to time and we cannot get matches stats from them swiftly. Mostly this happens at the weekends. Just wait for some time and stats will appear.
Can you tell more about the ranks? What is it and why, what it does?
All grades for Dota 2 players you can see in this picture:

Ranks are assigned based on the results of matches played in the framework of Game Pub. Your personal rank affects total clan rank. For every match, win or lose, the player receives a score of «experience» points or loses a certain amount of points. Ranks are assigned based on the total number of «experience» points for all matches. It is impossible to find out the exact value of the number of «experience» points. Its approximate level is reflected in the rank.

«Cyning» and «Kwisatz Haderach» ranks are only available to heads of clans.

Can I create my own clan?
Creating a clan possible for users having played at least 50 matches in the tournaments. After overcoming this threshold, on a clan page and list of the clans will be the necessary tools to create a clan.
How to apply for clan membership?
Applying a clan membership is possible for users having played at least 50 matches in the tournaments. After overcoming this threshold, on a clan page and list of the clans will be the necessary tools to apply a clan membership.
What is the profit from owning a clan?
There are a few small bonuses for the clan owner:
— the opportunity to receive a percentage of the winning of the clan members in tournaments
— the opportunity to achieve the ranks of «Cyning» и «Kwisatz Haderach»
— a part of «experience» obtained by a clan members transferred to the owner of the clan, which allows to achieve a higher rank faster
What percentage of the winning clan gets?
Clan bonus percentage depends on its current rating, which is constructed on the basis of the rating                      of all clan members. Clans that are higher than in the overall ranking get a larger percentage of bonus                      within designated limits, depending on the current tariff of clans's owner.
What determines the the clan rating?
clan rating depends on the ranks of its members. However, in the case of inactivity as the clan members, so and the head of the clan, the clan rank can be reduced down to zero.
What does "clan activity" in the clan control panel means?
This indicator serves as a reference as the clan members are actively involved in the tournament. It also makes it clear how the clan rating counts, based on the activity of its members.
Who is considered to be an active member of the clan?
Active clan member — a player participating in the tournaments. Required level for the head of the clan is 90 matches per month, and 30 matches per month for an ordinary member of the clan.
How is the bonus percent shares?
The head of the clan alone decides what percentage of the clan bonus ranging from 10% to 90% will be transferred to a member of the clan. Actual bonus percentage for the members of the clan appears on the clan page and in general clan list. Since the bonus percentage depends on the rating of the head of the clan and its tariff, the value of bonus percentage may change over time.
Does a clan owner gets bonus from his own wins?
How to increase the maximum number of clan members?
Depending on the tariffs of the clan owner and the action taken by him, the maximum size of the clan                  increases automatically at regular intervals. For Level 1 tariff this period is 15 days for Level 3 — 5 days.
However, if the head of the clan is excluded one of the members, the increase of the maximum size of the clan is additionally deferred for one day from the date of exclusion, regardless of the head of the clan tariff.
Is there a penalty for an exit from the clan?
At the moment, no penalties are provided.