User agreement

User agreement. Updated 09.11.2016

General provisions
  1. The team of a project Game Pub (hereinafter - "Administration") does its foremost to protect the data of an Internet user, who registered his account in the system Game Pub (hereinafter - "The User") and to preserve the balance of Game Points. In the case if The User independently transfers his login and password to a third parties, Administration disclaims any responsibility for data safety, game statistics and Game Points balance of the User.
  2. Administration does its foremost to solve a problems, occurred in the course of utilization of a Game Pub. However, Administration does not guarantee their solution in a way, appearing as proper to the User.
  3. Any possible technical mistakes, failures, breaks of connection and the like in the system Game Pub or in contracting systems in any form, which lead to dissatisfaction from provided service or to financial losses, shall not be reimbursed by Administration by no means.
  4. The User shall independently define the mode of collection of eventual gains in the system Game Pub and shall do his foremost to master the mode of collection of eventual gains, presented by Administration. Other modes of collection of gains shall neither be discussed nor regarded by Administration as binding for application.
  5. Administration shall take in consideration requests of a User by development of functional services of a system, however, Administration reserves the right to perform modifications at own discretion at any reasonable time.
  6. Any proposals of a User (hereinafter-"Ideas"), implemented in the system Game Pub in one form or another, shall constitute the sole property of Administration and integral part of a service Game Pub, without granting the User a right for acquisition of profit form specified Ideas or any impact hereto.
  7. The User shall not create multiple accounts on his behalf.
  8. The User is solely and fully responsible for paying all relevant taxes in the case of             deriving an income when using Game Pub project.
Tournament rules
  1. The User understands the necessity of fair conduct in the tournaments in regard of other Users of Game Pub and accepts the Tournament rules as unconditional and binding.
  2. The User undertakes to play in the tournament matches against the players of approximately equal level of skills only.
  3. The User undertakes to avoid creation of independent account, connected to Game Pub, with initial statistic data, aiming at dominating in the tournament matches over the players with lower level of skills and thus obtaining artificial advantage in match points.
  4. The User undertakes to avoid joining the groups of players with lower level of skills in the tournament matches, aiming at dominating the match and obtaining advantage in match points.
  5. The User undertakes to avoid transferring his game account to more experienced player for performance of tournament matches, aiming at obtaining artificial advantage in match points.
  6. The User undertakes not to use a mistakes and vulnerabilities in the gaming code, the mechanics of the game or game characters balance committed publisher of the game, as well as user-created on his own or with the assistance of third-party developers, gives as an artificial advantage over other game characters and thus obtaining advantages in match points.
  7. The User shall consider his capacities in the game and his free time for participation in the Tournaments in an independent manner.
Final provisions
  1. Any misunderstanding of the present Agreement, lack of diligence or untimely reading of any texts on a Website, which lead to dissatisfaction from a service Game Pub on the part of a User, shall not be considered as fault of Administration in no way.
  2. For non-compliance by the User of these regulations, the latter may be suspended from using the service              Game Pub in whole or in part, at the discretion of the Administration.